Library Blast @ DTMP

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Library Budget

The funding amount for DTMP's Library has been determined both at the local level and by Limitless Libraries. Please fill out the form below if you have any curriculum needs or title suggestions. Be sure to check out the DTMP On-line Catalog to view resources already found in our library.

Upcoming Events

Please share the following information with your homeroom students:

*There have been numerous requests to use the charging lockers. Students may now have access to the lockers. They must provide their own power adapters or USB cables.

*The sign-in stations are up and running. Students must sign-in when entering the library. Don't forget...they also need a note from the teacher to visit the library.

*Students can suggest a title for the library. All they have to do is fill out the electronic form located on the iPads (circulation counter).

*Due to technical difficulty, ID badges will be printed this week.

*9/24/14 - Library Closed for Ceremony Preparation

*9/24/14 - Mayor's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony @ 2:00 P.M.

*9/25/14 - I will be absent for a Collection Development Fair. Mr. Wheeler is scheduled to substitute for me. He will only be checking out print materials.

*9/29/14 - Grand opening of the Cyber Cafe! This is a delayed date due to ceremony preparations, Library PD, and shortage of one table. All grade levels will be able to eat in the library one day each week (class schedule permitting). The teacher will select two students from his/her lunch class to eat in the cafe. Teachers will receive advance notice of the assigned day via e-mail.