My Life with the Walter Boys

Ali Novak


Sixteen-year old Jackie Howard was at home one day, but when she turns on her TV she finds out that her family died in a car crash. A few hours later the police and a lady named Katharine come to the house. Jackie must move from New York to Colorado with Katharine, but on the plane ride there Katharine tells Jackie she has 12 boys. Once they get to her house Jackie finds out they are not just any regular boys, they look like Abercrombie models.

Why people should read it

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Why Should Someone Read This Book

I personally think My Life with the Walter Boys is an amazing book. With all of the different characters and settings, it never gets old. This book has so many twists and turns that the person will not want to stop reading till the end. This book is for people who like drama, comedy, love triangles, and plot twists. I think people should read this book to under stand that everything happens for a reason.