Romeo and Juliet

by Zoe Mundy


Cinderella reminds me of Romeo and Juliet because Cinderella and Prince Charming meet at the ball and instantly fall in love like Romeo and Juliet. After Prince Charming and Cinderella dance together most of the night Cinderella accidently left her shoe behind and Prince Charming goes around the kingdom trying to find her by trying her shoe on everyone's feet. Once Prince Charming finds Cinderella they get married because they were so in love. Although Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet are very much alike they end very differently in Cinderella there is a happy ending they live happily ever after but in Romeo and Juliet they end up dying.


"A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri reminds me that the death of Romeo and Juliet are their own faults because they could have talked to their parents about how they loved each other and were married and that the feud should end. Christina Perri's lyrics say "I have died everyday waiting for you Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years I'll love you for a thousand more" this reminds me of Romeo and Juliet because they loved each other so much they weren't going to give up on each other but they thought they couldn't wait to live without each other there for when Romeo thought Juliet was dead he killed himself and Juliet then woke up realizing what happened killed herself.
Christina Perri - A Thousand Years [Official Music Video]

Who is responsible?

Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their own deaths because they could have talked to their parents about how they fell in love and the feud needed to end but instead Juliet faked her death without telling Romeo causing Romeo and Juilet to both kill themselves.