General and operation manager

My career choice

I picked these job because I want to be a manager. Determine resource needs. Implement organizational process, or policy changes. Purchase materials,equipment,or other recourses. Bachelors degrees. View relate to education and training program.Chief Operating Officer (COO), Facilities Manager, Plant Manager, General Manager (GM), Plant Superintendent, Store Manager, Vice President of Operations, Warehouse Manager, Director of Operations, Operations Manager
Approximately how much money would you make with this day? Is 42,044 for a hour. How many of these jobs are there in the United States? 1,972,700 people. What is the future of this jobs? Will the job population grow more or less? Yes, this career is seeing higher growth compared to other careers. What are jobs that are similar to this job? Chief operating officer facilities manager.* "Low" indicates 25% of workers earn less and 75% earn more.

"Median" indicates 50% of workers earn less and 50% earn more.
"High" indicates 75% of workers earn less and 25% earn more.