CSA ~ September 5, 2019

Weekly Shares

Happy CSA Day!

Thank you for supporting Goodness Grows!


If you realize that you aren't going to be able to make it to pick-up, no problem!

Just give us a call at 330-549-9408 to arrange a Friday visit.
We are here most Fridays from 8:30am - 2:30pm.

Time to refill your basket!

Please bring in the basket that went home last week and we will
refill it when you arrive today. Thanks!

In This Week's Share!

Lime Basil



Kale and Collard Leaves

Assorted Tomatoes (Some from the Shannon & Carrier families, friends of GG)

Sweet Peppers



Fresh Made Applesauce


Our crew made homemade applesauce for you this week. Applesauce is a perfect use for those "ugly" apples...or for any apples. We used Golden Delicious apples for this perfect autumn treat.

Lime Basil

Have you ever heard of lime basil? This herb is similar to your normal, everyday basil, but it has an extra citrus kick! The strong lime scent becomes especially noticeable once it is minced or chopped. It is a wonderful complement to many savory dishes when used in place of sweet basil. Stir fry, fish, poultry, tomato-flavored dishes, pasta sauces, vegetables (especially beans, peppers, and eggplant), and soups can all work well with lime basil. Lime basil should be used fresh and added during the last moments of cooking. Over cooking basil is not recommended as heat quickly dissipates the flavor. Source: https://www.northshore.farm/product/lime-basil/

Check out these delicious recipes that feature lime basil.

Kale & Collard Greens

Both these leafy greens can add a tasty crunch to salads, wraps, and sandwiches but they are equally good added to various dishes such as soups and stir fry. Check out the leafy green info below.

Big picture


There is a treasure trove of tomatoes in your share this week. We have different colors, types, and sizes, good for salads, sandwiches, or just eating by the handful! Or, try out a flavorful and fancy looking baked tomato side dish.

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