New Wording Goods

By Colbey Stosberg

Vowels are $3.49 (50% off!)

Consonats are $2.00 (60% off!)


This amazing word means not relevant, or not applicable. Sleep is irrelevant on Christmas Eve because there is so much excitement. Only $25.96 at your local New Wording Goods!
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Illogical is a brilliant word and it means lacking sense. His reply was illogical because I asked him what his favorite sports are and he said donuts. Only $23.96 at your local store!


Impediment, such a amazing word. Meaning a hindrance or obstruction in doing something. Taking this job would have been an impediment to your goals because you would need to work extra hours. Only $25.96 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
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This great word means not able to be suitably operated on. Bob's body was inoperable because he had a bone that the doctors could not fix. $27.45 through the month of December.


The terrific word immovable means unable to be moved. The rock was immovable because it weighed 100 pounds. This great word is $23.96! What a low price!!!


Illegal means contrary to or forbidden by law. The police arrested him for using illegal drugs. This AMAZING word is only $18.47 online with free shipping.
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The wonderful word illuminate means to light up. The flashlight will illuminate the room because you could see for one mile. This inexpensive word is only $27.45.


The incredible word irreligious means indifferent or hostile to religion. My prayer was irreligious because it was not obeying God or the Bible. Crazy low price of $30.94.


Incompetent means not having or showing the necessary skill to do something successful. His tryout for basketball was incompetent because he was not showing the skills needed to make the team.
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One of the best words of all, irreconcilable. This word means to have points of view so different from each other that they cannot be made compatible. The two congressmen decided the issue was irreconcilable because their points of view were so different from each other. Only $36.94 at your local store.