Revolutionary War

HMS Jersey

The HMS Jersey was a prison ship used during the Revolutionary War. The British force used the HMS Jersey, an abandoned war ship, to keep prisoners that they arrested or captured at war. The British kept more than 1,000 prisoners in the Jersey at one time. “At war’s end, there were only 1,400 survivors among the inmates of the entire prison ship fleet, and at least 11,000 men and boys died aboard the ships from 1776 to 1783.” Because it explains how many people they kept in the prison ships. It explains that the prison ships were actually warships, and the British used them to keep prisoners. During the Revolutionary war prison ships were used and many people died, prison ships were actually abandoned warships used by the British to hold prisoners.

Conditions of the HMS Jersey

The conditions of the HMS Jersey were really bad. Firstly a dozen people died aboard the ship every night. A dozen people died every night from smallpox, dysentery, typhoid and yellow fever, as well as from the effects of starvation and torture Most of the people that died aboard the HMS Jersey died from malnutrition, which means there was not enough food on the ship, so they died. The reason why my evidence is important is because, it explains why most people died on the ship. Also it explains what the illnesses were that caused people to die. It also explains how many people died aboard the HMS Jersey every night. A lot of people died aboard the prison ships during the American Revolutionary war, in fact 11,000 to be precise.

Brown Bess

The Brown Bess musket was really dangerous to your enemies in the Revolutionary war. Unlike any other weapons the Brown Bess was slow to load. Fired led balls, and when it hit the enemy a shower of little led balls came out of the big led ball. The Brown Bess (Flintlock Musket) was a nickname for British short land pattern musket . Brown Bess also means a soldier's firelock. It got its nickname because it was brown and the barrel was rich and brown. It explains how it got its nickname. It showered led balls all over the enemy when it hit them. It explains that it got its nickname because it was brown and the barrel was rich and brown. The Brown Bess was an extremely dangerous to your enemies, it was slow to load, and it showered led balls all over the enemy that it hit.

Kentucky Hunting Rifle

The Kentucky Hunting rifle was the most accurate of any known firearm, and it soon became famous. The Kentucky longrifle was the best weapon available for over a century.This rifle is known as the Kentucky, or the hog, and the long rifle. It was designed to be light weight, and the Kentucky was the first firearm made in America. It was created in the 1730s in Lancaster Pennsylvania, by very talented people who came to America from Germany and Switzerland. The Kentucky longrifle was the best weapon available for over a century.