Science Fair Project

By- Cassie Granquist


Which brand of gums flavor will last the longest and the shortest?


-Rain 5




My hypothesis is that Orbit's flavor will last the longest and 5's flavor will last the shortest.

Background Knowledge-

I know that I am not going to be able to drink anything while I'm doing this project! And all of the gums flavors are spearmint!


I am going to do this project by seeing what gum flavor lasts the longest and shortest. I am going to test the gum more then once so my answers are more accurate!


|1st time| Extra- 35m Orbit- 20m Rain 5- 22m Trident- 28m

|2nd time| Extra- 42m Orbit- 20m Rain 5- 35m Trident- 33m

|3rd time| Extra- 46m Orbit- 23m Rain 5- 33m Trident- 30m


My hypothesis was wrong, because Extra's flavor lasted the longest and Orbit flavor lasted the shortest time. Next time, to do this better, I could do it more than 3 times and I could more than 2 people do it.