Internet Safety

How to be Fun and Safe on the Internet

If You Just Met, Don't Meet.

If you have just met someone only online or even if it's been a week or so NEVER meet in person. Even though they may say their a really good person, they might not be. If they say your friend they could just be a bad person who wants to hurt you or somebody else. If you see a friend going to meet with someone they just met on the internet talk them out of it.

Don't Share Personal Information

Never share any of your personal information such as age, full name, social security, or where you live. someone could get this information and do some serious damage. By giving out this information you could give your bank account some trouble or maybe yourself. Someone could put where you live to great use and come find you.

Tell Someone

If someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable, tell someone. Tell a reliable adult or your parents. Remember not everyone is who they say they are.