Honolulu, Hawaii


The climate in Hawaii is very tropical and is a great vacation destination because it stays warm year round. The average high temperature in summer is 88°F and the average low in summer is 75°F. The average high in winter is 80°F and the average low in winter is 66°F

Weather for the next 2 days

4/19- High Temp 80°F- Low Temp 70°F- Partly Cloudy 0% chance of precipitation

4/20- High Temp 81°F- Low Temp 71°F- Cloudy 20% chance of precipitation

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Climate vs. Daily Weather

Climate vs. daily weather is a measure of time. The daily weather is a short time period normally tracked day to day and weather men/woman can only predict the weather about a week into the future. The climate however is a measure over a long period of time with all the averages of the daily weather.