Mischief Making Math~ EdCamp DC/ADE

Mrs. Frazier, Mrs. Grove and Ms. Ehret

Mischief Making Math

Today we explored math through mischief and puzzles! So often adults think math is boring and NO FUN! Well, today we learned they are WRONG! Math is about thinking of all the ways we can solve a problems and working to until our brains are hurting! Mischief Making Math pushed us to work and think about reasoning, spaces, shapes, numbers and patterns until our brains were exploding with ideas!

Our Mischief Making Day!

We all know the importance of stimulating innovation and wonder in our children's minds. So we designed an EdCamp session- Mischief Making Math- with open-ended games, math riddles and math problems to explore and discover.

Our EdCamp was BUSY with wonder and explorations! We began by reading Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late by Laura Overdeck. This book has math riddles and math facts on lots of WACKY FUN topics, like exploding food! Each riddle has 3 levels and non fiction facts about the topic, the book even glows in the dark!

A few of the games we explored today are pictured below.

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