Quaker Nation

Philadelphia Means City of Brotherly Love

Penn arrived in the city of Philadelphia in 1682. In Greek Philadelphia means "city of brotherly love." The colony already had four-thousand citizens and Penn had a clear idea about how he wanted the colony to be developed and how it was going to look. He set out to grow farming villages along rivers and creeks. Also, he had the houses set far enough from each other to prevent fires. This layout created great relations with the Native Americans.

My Journey Through the City of Brotherly Love

This colony was special, this gave my family and I religious tolerance from the English as we were Catholic and gave me a way to provide for my family farming along the river, following Penns brilliant and well-thought out plan. William Penn was a quaker and the son of King Charles biggest supporter As he was telling me what happened to him, in England he was arrested and imprisoned just for being a Quaker. All Penn wanted to do was get out of England due to experience with discrimination because of his religion.After the charter was given to Penn in 1681, he sold land to wealthy people in turn for high up government and economic positions. Living in Philadelphia was the dream come true for my family and I; as we had self-government, reasonable prices for land, and of course freedom of religion. The policies project throughout Penn's colony attracted many Europeans, soon creating different communities with a different language within each of them. Their was a period of rapid growth and prosperity within us. My family and I were doing better then we have ever done before and did not have to worry about the consequences for practicing our faith. Everything was good until slavery was passed, which went against many peoples morals and this shows the weakness of the opposition.


Of the People book