Missing: Jen Rose Talbot

Last seen at Luke Garners house last words: "Goodbye Luke"

About Jen Rose Talbot

Jen was born a Baron in a rich family, she was a third child and they are illegal to the country, she is on the run from the Population Police. She and another third child Luke Garner and her friend are hiding together from the Population Police Luke was a farmer so he was allowed meat while Jen was not so he had more energy. Together they try to stop the police but all of a sudden Jen goes missing Luke get really worried about her she was really brave but she also was careless and risky. By any means should you find her please bring her to her family aka the Talbots.

About Luke Garner

Luke was REALLY poor and a farmer his parents worried so much they made him eat on the stairs instead of at the table. After he had to sit at the stairs he tuned his family out that they have to yell to get his attention. After Jen went missing he tuned them out even more.