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For me this is what the words and color represents. Each of us have benefited from a kind word or act received from another person. Every person that has received a diagnosis appreciates those acts and words of kindness.

This year will be my 8th 60 Mile event but I've been active in this effort for 20+ years. Yes, I'm dedicated to the cause and those that are impacted.

Your donation is just that an act of kindness. If you decide that you'd like to show an act of kindness, please give your gift of $5, make it fun and challenge your friends to do the same.

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The ask is worth it

It's almost that time again - fundraising season. :)
This year I'm doing some things differently so I can achieve my goal - to be an actively engaged participant.
If you have liked this page, my efforts, outreach and support in these efforts, please join me.
Asking for donation is very humbling, as each person has their own life obstacles to get through. None of us are in a position to pass judgement on another and their circumstance, we can either help or move on.
I'm asking everyone that can to donate $5 of support towards my 2016 efforts,
My knees talk to me every day so walking 60 is very painful and stressful. Can it compare to all that individuals and families go through with treatments and aftercare, NO!

I do it because I have to do what I can to make a difference.

The impact of ‪#‎BreastCancer‬ is all reaching and it needs to be stopped!

You already know that you don't have to be diagnosed to know the impact of a diagnosis.I have not been diagnosed only by HIS Mercy.

I walk for each of us because it needs to be done.

I walk because far too many women are diagnosed.

I walk to help put an end to it.
I ask for your continued support of my efforts with your gift of $5.

No doubt, you'd want the same for yourself.

Foxs Trotters

Although I haven't been diagnosed it does not diminish my commitment to the cause and those impacted by a diagnosis. I walk with and amongst you because I am you.

Welcome to my 8th year participating in the 60 Mile Journey.

None of this is possible without your support.

Thank you,