Where is Middle Earth???



Norway has a vast landscape from plains, to mountains, to castles, to caves, to Hobbit like houses. Scandinavian Mountains stretch through the country, and it is like the mountains in Middle Earth. Some of their houses are like Hobbit houses that are round and small just like in the book. Castles where kings and queens used to live, while in the series there are different castles were they traveled to. Their official languages are Bokmal, Norwegian, and Nynorsk. Their currency is the Norwegian Krone which is .13 cents to a US dollar. Their culture is called Norwegian. What they have for lunch on a daily basis is brown cheese with a slice of bread. Their breakfast consists of coffee, bread, and cow products. On Constitution day they have thinly sliced meats and beer. Christmas meal traditions vary by region and may include roast pork, other meat, or lutefisk. On festive occasions, both restaurants and family meals may feature a kaldt bord with a large array of cold meats, cheeses, shrimp, smoked or pickled fish, salads, jams, and soft and crisp breads. Their main religion is Christianity when King Olav brought it to Norway when visiting London, England . The king of Norway is the head of the church of Norway. He picks the bishops of churches that he only approves. Their major holidays are similar to those of the US. Their main ones are New Year ( Jan. 1) Labor Day (1 May), Constitution Day (17 May), Christmas (25 Dec.), and Boxing Day (26 Dec.).

Why Norway is Middle Earth

I am not a Middle Earth world studier, but that does not mean that I can say what I HIGHLY KNOW where it is. I will never change my mind that I know that Middle Earth located in Norway or based off it. If you look up and down this flyer you can agree on me that is would be in Norway. My First of knowledge that Middle Earth is in Norway or based off of Norway houses just like the Hobbits. It is dead on as in the book deceptions. Also that is not coincidentally. If you can come out with a way that is not true I will pay you my whole bank account. The second one if you look at the map of Middle Earth it is has without exceeding the limit. You can't get better than that. If you look at the cave (below and above) there is a two way spilt. One way is where is Bilbo and the other is where Gandalf and the company. What could be more dead on this. This like a sniper that has never missed. Plus the cave is filled with water when Bilbo met the goblin. Finally look at the village (bottom). When Bilbo was on the start of the adventure he notice that the house had roof had hay on it. If you look at the middle house you can see the hay on the roof.

Argument why Middle Earth is not in Norway

Some people think that Middle Earth is not based on Norway nor is Middle Earth in it. I will use my fellow student Aaron Dasher. He says that Middle Earth is in China. Clearly this can't be possible as the architecture of the homes are quite different. Another fact is that some students picked Brazil like Melody, and Kendall. Think about Brazil; it is fairly close to the equator and quite tropical. If you can put the puzzle pieces together and connect the dots, you can see that this theory is flawed based on the clothing that the Hobbits wore and also their body characteristics. They would die of overheating as their feet and body are hairy and they are a bit on the overweight side. If science proves true, all of these characteristics are adaptations to colder weather.


As you can see Middle Earth was based of Norway or Middle Earth is in Norway. I belive that my conclution have show why.