Jacob Lail

The Paradox of


My family consists of myself, my father, and my mother. My cat likes to pretend she's part of the family, but we all know she only loves us for the food. I am not of direct relation to Joseph Lail however Mr. Campbell thinks we are the same person.


I like to play video games on my PC, which laughs at the silly chromebook im using to type this. I want to build my own computer by the summer and I plan on doing it for around 500 usd. I am fluent in java and some html coding.


I don't overly like traveling, in fact, if i'm traveling anywhere its Wal-mart to get batteries or cookout for food. I have however been to New York City, Myrtle beach, and Carolina Beach.


Much contrary to my Gaming lifestyle, I also love working on cars and really just learning more about how they work. I rebuilt a small block Cheverolet engine over the summer with my father. I hope to teach myself the complex magical ways of fuel injection soon.


Though I have little interest in sports besides the occasional college football game, I love watersports. I enjoy skiing, wake boarding, and just driving watercraft.


I am fascinated by science because I like learning about the way things work and how things come to be and how things will come to an end. I like to know how things are made so I can try to think of ways to build and improve upon my own designs. As I've said previously, I'm going to try to build my own PC, which is a lot more scientific than I would have thought.