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We are so excited to start the year VIRTUALLY with you! If you have missed our Town Halls, this newsletter is your one-stop for making sure you are ready for the first day of school. We have also adjusted our carline date. Your teachers have been hard at work this past week and continue next week to get this year started firmly rooted in Christ, no matter what!


Please note: As announced on Tuesday, July 28--we are opening VIRTUALLY ON AUG. 17-- until the week of September 7. We will begin FACE TO FACE instruction starting the week of Sept. 7 (you may still remain virtual if you choose).

VIRTUAL SCHEDULE On Tuesday, Aug. 4, we had a town hall to look at our virtual schedule. Virtual school will NOT look like what we experienced before. Your student will have a FULL day online (with screen breaks!) from 8:30AM to 3:30PM.

Early Childhood Priority: Our priority is opening ASAP for PreK to 2nd grade. See below for more information.

  • CHANGE OF SUPPLY PICK UP: Thursday and Friday, Aug. 13 and 14

Shipment delays due to COVID19. We need to move to Thurs and Fri so that we can get you as much as possible with one pick up.

  • OPEN HOUSE FOR PreK to 8th Grade: Thursday, Aug. 13 from 5PM to 7:30PM.

See below for details.


Attend to ask questions and practice! Sessions will be recorded.


If not, we need you to ASAP. Please email to finalize.

We are eager to get this year with you. Your teachers have been hard at work in training this week and next! We remain firmly rooted in faith, academics, and service to partner with you to empower your student.

Take care,

Ms. Salazar | Principal

Back to School, Complete Steps 1 to 5

1) Pick Up Computer, School Supplies, Textbooks and Google Classroom Log-Ins

Carline Supply Pick Up: Option 1

Thursday, Aug. 13th, 9am-1pm

SMCS Carline

We will have your school supply pack (if you ordered), your computer, textbooks, and a welcome packet from your teachers.


Carline Supply Pick Up: Option 2

Friday, Aug. 14th, 12-4pm

SMCS Carline

We will have your school supply pack (if you ordered), your computer, textbooks, and a welcome packet from your teachers.


2) Attend Back to School Night: Aug. 13

Virtual Back to School Night: Meet the Teacher!

Thursday, Aug. 13th, 5-7pm


You will meet your teachers, practice using your technology, and have some fun getting to meet your classmates!

You will meet your teachers, practice using your technology, and have some fun getting to meet your classmates!

How to Attend:

1) Log onto Zoom for Opening Announcements.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 362 174 5604 Passcode: 1960

2) Choose to attend Opening OR Closing Prayer and Announcements (5PM OR 6:30PM--Both sessions are the SAME)

3) Pop into your Homeroom Classroom (5:30PM to 6:30 PM)--20 min presentation repeated from 5:30PM to 6:30PM timeframe. You will receive your sign in with your welcome packet.

------ Log On: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 362 174 5604 Passcode: 1960

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Big picture

4) Review our Virtual Learning 101

5) Review Updated Safety Plan (new policy on masks vs shields when we are in person) and catch up on Town Halls

FAQS from Town Halls

Do I need school supplies if I am virtual?

Yes. All students will need supplies.

SMCS Buys Your Supplies:

  • If you indicated you wanted supplies from SMCS, we will bill your RenWeb account and your supplies will be ready for carlines.
  • If you missed our newsletter for ordering supplies and want us to purchase, email We have limited extra supply packs and cannot guarantee arrival for carline pick up.

I want to buy my own supplies. Click the red button below.

How are we starting the school year?

  1. Virtual for 1st 3 weeks** starting Aug. 17

    1. GOAL: Building to FACE to FACE (F2F) instruction.

    2. Ideally, follow JISD OR open sooner if transmission rates consistently lower OR we adopt best practices from the Department of Catholic Schools (DCS).

  2. After Sept. 7**

    1. IF Local Health Mandate allows/JISD opens OR best practices from DCS

    2. Phase in--Sept 7: Week 1--Hybrid: By Family on the scheduled Mass Day of the youngest student, attend Mass + Rotating Elective Schedule + Safety practice in school

      1. Sept. 14 Week 2: PK-2nd fully in Person (with families choosing virtual running concurrently), Potentially ALL as our F2F enrollment requests are manageable with the safety plan

      2. Week 3: All in Person (with families choosing virtual running concurrently).

** Arbitrary for now. Could extend. Could shorten. Ideally not extended!! We will NOT be virtual for a full school year (TCCB-ED Accreditation)

How much do supplies cost from SMCS?

Supplies for PK to 8th grade will be $65 if you choose to purchase through SMCS. Bonus as we are tax-exempt and have negotiated to get bulk pricing well below what you will find online or in stores. We are not profiting from this service and are giving you the price we receive.


  • Catholic Student Planner from SMCS (required for 5th to 8th grade), $3.95
  • St. Mary's Press Youth Bible for 5th grade (recommended for any NEW 6th-8th grade students), $29.98 if purchased on own, $25 if purchased through SMCS.
  • Testing compliant headphones with mic, AVID, $11.95

Do I need to wear the school uniform?

  1. Optional for PK to Kinder no matter what.

  2. WHEN VIRTUAL MANDATED FOR ALL: Not required for virtual (strict parameters in what is appropriate, i.e. no pajamas).

  3. WHEN WE OPEN FOR FACE TO FACE: VERY Flexible phasing in of uniform when in person. Virtual uniform is not required.

Our priority right now is staying safe, fostering a routine, and getting our learning going. Uniforms will come after and will be asked to be in compliance for Face to Face instruction after a month of reentry.

Uniform Purchasing Information

What are my enrollment options once we are Face to Face in September?

Choose your learning need.

1) Traditional, In-Person, with virtual as needed

  • Virtual (as needed for PK to 8th) available (i.e. student tests positive, sickness at home, etc).
  • Full regular tuition rate with Tech provided as needed.
  • Uniform optional for PreK3, PreK4 and Kinder (may still purchased and will be required in following year)
  • Mass uniform required for assigned Mass day for K to 8th. Mass uniform or Flynn O'Hara Polos required on non-mass days with Flynn O'Hara Jumper, Skirt OR with any black Knee Length Bermuda shorts or black, non-form fitting (i.e. yoga pants, skinny jeans) slacks.

2) Entirely Virtual (PreK3 to 8th)

  • 2nd to 8th grade: Online self-paced curriculum with an assigned teacher (most likely NOT grade level homeroom).
  • PreK to 1st must meet with Principal on Zoom to discuss early childhood logistics/developmental appropriateness
  • MUST live stream ELA, MATH, and Religion Class at the scheduled time.
  • May attend after school extracurriculars or Mass.
  • Full Tuition Cost PLUS tech returnable deposit AND rental fee if using a school device. Can apply rental and deposit to purchase the device or return in good condition to receive the deposit back.
  • Uniform not required.


  • A pilot program with PreK and Kinder online curriculum.
  • Recommended for PreK families that cannot commit to full time online AND want to learn basic skills while being part of our community (Kinder families will have to interview with principal to determine if it is a good fit).
  • Not full curriculum, lower cost.
  • Entirely online
  • Includes 2, 30 min online interactive sessions daily (either live-streamed from class or done by a virtual teacher) for $75/month
  • May include weekly one-on-one or small group tutoring, Mass, and curriculum workbooks for an additional cost ($285 for the year)
  • Uniform not required.

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Daring greatly in faith, academics, and service since 1960.