Heinrich Himmler

A man's life


Heinrich Himmler, born in Munich, Germany on October 7, 1900, died 1945. Heinrich was the son of a pious; a authoritarian Roman Catholic schoolmaster. Himmler was the head of the Gestapo; reichsuhrer from 1943 to 1945. In November, 1923 Himmler had joined a para-military and also participated in the Munich Beer-Hall Putsch. He was a standard bearer at the side of the Ernst Rohm. Heinrich was the one to make the first concentration camp; Dachau.

Himmlers background

Himmler married at 1927 and had returned to poultry farming in 1927. Himmler was unsuccessful in raising chickens (poultry farming). He had returned back to the Gestapo after his failure in poultry farming. In January 1929, he was Hitlers head personal bodyguard.


Reichsfurer is a special and highest rank that excisted between 1925-1945. It was both title and rank. Joseph Berchtold created the title "Reichfurer" in 1926. There was no more than one in that rank. Karl Hanke was the last leader of S.S.


Opened in 1993, held 4,800 inmates. In 1937 inmates grew from 4,800 to 13,260. The inmates had to wear the star of david and wear given numbers. They also were given color-coded triangle, red;political prisoners, black; asocials, pink; homosexual, purple; johouah's witnesses and green for habitual

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