Mrs. Haas' Third Grade News

May 1, 2016

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Literature circles are underway, and the students are super excited to sit down and discuss their books with their peers. Check in with your third grader to see what they are reading.


Students are busy drafting, revising, editing, and publishing their Eric Carle books.


We will continue our study of area this week.

Don't forget to keep practicing those multiplication and division facts.


We will spend time talking about genes that a plant can inherit from its parents. Students will also work with their habitat research group on their project.


I'm in need of four more volunteers to join us to the Kansas City Zoo. Let me know if you are available May 17th. It is an all day field trip. We typically arrive at the zoo around 10:00 and leave around 1:30. Thanks for checking your schedules!


We only have a few short weeks to go in the school year, however, several students are starting to run out of important supplies that we use daily. Check in with your third grader to see if they need to bring in more pencils and glue. Some scissors have also gone missing. Thanks!

MAP Testing

Students will be taking the reading and math MAP Assessments on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. We will be testing fromm 1:20-2:30.

Nelson Art Gallery Field Trip

Thursday, May 5th, 12:30-2pm

4525 Oak Street

Kansas City, MO

We will be visiting the Nelson Art Gallery on Thursday afternoon. Students will take a short tour and then they will apply the things they learned during the tour to their own art project. We will have a very quick lunch in our classroom before we leave that day. Please send in a sack lunch that is peanut free. Have your kiddo wear their yellow PSE shirt or some other yellow shirt.