Druggist, apothecary, and a dispensing chemist

Job Description

Pharmacists are health professionals who dispense prescription medication to patients, but also providing information about the drugs to their doctors to have them ordered. They explain the doctors' instructions to patients so that those individuals can use these medications safely and effectively.


The median annual salary for a pharmacist was 116,670, or 56.09 per hour in 2012. The best paid 10 percent made 145,910 in 2012, while the lowest paid made 89,280.

Three Colleges that Offer this Major

Texas Women's University ( )

University of Texas at Arlington ( )

Texas Tech University ( )

Projected Job Outlook for 2020

Pharmacists will project a few more than 25% employment growth by 2020, with about 70,000 new jobs being added.The projected job outlook for a pharmacist is 14% currently which is faster than average for all occupations.