Mission Clean Stream

It’s time for the first official ski club activity at Jefferson Point.

This is one of the volunteer activities focused on giving back to our community and counts for one of your volunteer requirements to the club. It is suited for the entire family and has always provided our community neighbors a small example of our volunteer efforts. For many years we have participated in the event under the city of Wentzville. The city of Lake Saint Louis has again asked us to exclusively provide the 75 plus volunteers to ensure another successful year after its first hosting last year. They have asked us because of our involvement with this activity in the past and they recognize our club as a large and reliable partner.

We’ll be doing our part with hundreds of volunteers, The Greenway Network, Inc. and other cities in this major stream clean-up to help restore the Peruque, McCoy and Dardenne Creek Watersheds. These streams are important to the health of our communities, clubs, and support a variety of wildlife. Our watershed is Peruque Creek and will include cleaning the Jefferson Point area of trash and debris.

Breakfast of bagels, donuts, fruit, water, juice will be provided.

Wear appropriate clothing and shoes as you will be walking through brush, weeds and tall grass. Don’t forget gloves and red shirts or sweatshirts for club pride.

Reply to Joe Dattilo if you and your family will be coming. If you have any questions, call Joe Dattilo at 314-600-5597.

Saturday, April 11th, 8:30am

Civic Center Dr

Lake St Louis, MO

Usually take 2-2.5 hours. Group photo at 8:50. Meet at Jefferson Point. We are responsible for the area between pump station on the service road to the lake at our ski site and the creek behind the strip mall where Newstime office is located feeding into the big lake. We will also be tasked with two small sites in Lake Saint Louis like last year.