Come to our play

its going to be very magical and refreshing, also yummy food

our special day is coming soon

Join us on _____________ (date over on the left) and watch the two plays we have for you. We will have refreshments, food, and a few little objects. So bring yourself and your money, because this is something you do not want to miss.

Cinderella and time travel.

Wednesday, Feb. 10th 2016 at 2pm

Villa 49 - Street 3 -Savannah - Arabian Ranches - Dubai - UAE

Dubai, Dubai

Refreshments include :

  • lemonade
  • coffee
  • water
Food includes:

  • popcorn
  • cupcakes
  • cookies
  • candy
Little objects includes:

  • bracelets (handmade)

Time Table

2-2:30pm- Gathering and light refreshments

2:30-4:30- first film will be shown

4:30-5pm- food and drink break. (intermission)

5-8pm- second play will be shown

8:30-9pm- selling any food or drinks and bracelets.