Yellow Fever

By: Cayden Duhaime

Where is it at and what are symtoms and how is it caused

Is in most sub tropical parts in Africa. and has many symptoms. symptoms include vomiting nausea, head aches, muscle and joint ache, yellow skin and yellow eyes. This diseased is caused by a bite by a mosquito. Now just because you got bit doesn't mean you will get yellow fever the only way you get it if the mosquito is carrying the disease.

How is it treated/cured?

The treatment for this disease is to keep the patient relaxed and not in pain. there is no cure but there is a vaccine that is very effective and works very well. although 50% of the people that have the severe version of the Yellow Fever have Died.
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Who can get it

Anyone can get the Yellow Fever from any height, or weight. But elders have a higher chance of getting Yellow fever after being bit by a mosquito. Can also infect all species of monkeys, and can infect other different small mammals. Any type of mosquito can carry The Yellow Fever.

social conditions

There is many mosquitos do to the hot weather in Africa. Africa also has a poor environment so some people can not afford to buy the very affective vaccine. lots of homes are huts and the huts aren't very protected so the mosquitos can get in and bite you.

Stages 1-2-3

stage-1 head ache, muscle and joint aches, fever, flushing, loss of appetite, vomitimg, and judice. symptoms often go away within 3-4 days.

stage-2 fever will commonly go away at this stage or will get alot worse within 24 hours.

stage-3 problems with many organs will occur including the heart, liver, and kidney. disorder seizures, coma, and Delirium may also occur.

Other facts

yellow fever can cause deforestation. The yellow fever is a virus. A virus needs to live in other organisms to live or they will die. In one year estimated about 200,000 cases of yellow fever in a year. about 30,000 people died out of that 200,000 cases of yellow fever.

being bit

After being bit it will take several days until you get sick. when sick the symptoms start to kick in right away. and then the eyes and skin start turning a shade of yellow.
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Sleeped in screened bedding

wear clothes

use mosquito repellents

Mosquito prevention

In situations mosquito controll is very important until the vaccine takes place. To help the risk in urban areas can reduce by stopping any mosquito breeding by placing insecticides in water where the mosquito experience there earliest stages.

similar disease

Yellow Fever can be confused with severe Malaria

The yellow fever is also similar to a normal Fever. They have in common vomiting, head ache, and a high temp.

Coming back from Africa.

Arriving to Asia or Latin America must have a certificate of the Yellow Fever vaccine.

Asia does not a have a single case of Yellow Fever so they are very strict about it.


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