Women Stereotypes

By: Neha Dheen, Period-6, 1/6/16


How can I create a presentation that will in form people the consequences of women stereotypes? I chose this topic because many people are taking advantage of them. Some of these consequences include, decreased performance, behavioral consequences, and reduced effort.

Decreased Performance

Decreased Performance is one of the major consequences. Stereotype threat can make them to poor on academic tests. Many of these affects have been proven in laboratory tests. Negative thoughts can lead to less confidence.If individuals expect or think they are going to do poorly on an exam, test or quiz, they might not be able to perform as well.

Behavioral Consequences

Stereotype threat can also cause Behavioral consequences. People will start to escape important work and tasks. Stereotype threat


How you can battle stereotypes

Some examples are....

  • Being an individual, so people see YOU first and not your gender
  • Find your leadership style and not copy others
Many people think women are not assertive enough to lead and can get too overly-emotional.

Some examples are...

  • women aren't handy with tools
  • women don't enjoy video games and aren't good at them
  • Every woman loves shopping in order to de-stress

  • Women are overly emotional