World Peace

What would peace look like?

Peace would look like friends playing with different regions. And there will be no terrorists or robbers, and everyone will be HAPPY. With peace there no wars, or attacks.

How can children can help find peace?

Children can help by helping each other. Be FRIENDLY with different skin people. Teach friends about peace, by telling your dad to tell their friends to make peace, and then they can also tell their friends.

What are rights should we all have??

The rights that all of us should have are to have education. Also to be free from slavery. And be able to choose what ever religion you want.To have shelter and food. Also to be Happy, and Respected.

What did we learne about peace???

The UN means United Nations and they create human rights. The UN declaration lists 30 human rights that all of us should have. 9/11 was a sad day for USA, because the Twin Towers fell when 2 planes crashed in them and many people died. It was all caused by terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Peace is something that shows kindness, happiness and Love.

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By: Maria Blanco and Santiago Ponguta