The Maori

native cultures of New Zealand - Alex

Where do they live?

90% of the Maori live on the north island of New Zealand.

From where did they come?

The Maori come from the Chatham Island.

Historical Fact

The natives of Fiji came over to New Zealand and taught the Maori about cannibalism. Some of the Maori adopted this.


The Maori fought many wars against each other until a certain group of the Maori made peace with the other groups.

The musket Wars

The Maori waged wars against each other when each group of Maori wanted more land. There were as many as 3,000 battles and some were even fought because they had lost another battle. The three groups, the Ngaphui (ga-pooi), Ngati (gati) and Whatua (watua); used muskets.

Summary of what I have learned from this research.

The Maori tribe of New Zealand and Chatham Islands are an intriguing group of people to research. I learned many facts but the most interesting were that some of the Maori wanted to help Great Britain. When I first researched this tribe I didn't realize that some of them are cannibals. After W.W.I. the currency became the New Zealand Dollar. Knowing all I do now, I would want to learn more about their cannibalism because I find cannibalism very interesting