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You heard it here first! The infamous children nursery rhyme trio, The Three Blind Mice, were arrested for the murder of Ms. Sue, the farmer's wife. They have been placed under a $250,000 bail. Due to the magnitude of this case, it has been decided that a petit jury will not be used. During the arraignment, all the mice pleaded not guilty and have so far refused to participate in any plea bargaining. On August 7th, 2014, The Three Blind Mice are scheduled to appear in front of a grand jury. If an indictment is issued, the case will go on trial. They have decided to not use a public defender, but instead have hired Attorney Tom Cat. The prosecution (The Farm) will surely present a strong case against the defendants (The Three Blind Mice). As we all know, Ms. Sue cut off the Three Blind Mice's tails, and they were seen chasing Ms. Sue. Her body was found with severe lacerations to her wrists and face, and the autopsy showed that she had been poisoned with arsenic, the very same poison humans put out to kill you! No subpoenas have been issued. Though, it is rumored that Joe Brown (son of Ms. Sue and Farmer Brown) will testify as a witness for the defense. With his position on that side, it is unlikely that he will be accused of perjury. I'm sure all our tails are waggling with anticipation as we wait for the Judge Mickey Mouse to announce the verdict. Will they be ACQUITTED or CONVICTED??? Who knows! Being the loyal TBM fan I am, believe they are more than innocent. I mean their blind for crying out loud! However, if they are found guilty, they can make an appeal.

By: Ernaya Johnson