Plate Tectonics

Always Moving R.J.S 7th Period 1 20 15

Question 1

Alfred Wegner's Evidence for plate tectonics was on the map of the world.On the map Africa and South America kind of looked like they fit together!
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Question 2

The people thought that Alfred Wegner's Theroy was incorrect beacause they thought the ground was solid.

Question 3

The two scientists who supported Alfred Wegner's Theory were Galelio and Darwin and thier evidence was the same fossils were found at two different places on different Coast's.

Question 4

The three different types of plate boundaries are the divergent,convergent and the transform plate.

Question 5

Plates can move up down slide or left or right.These form earth quakes volcanoes mountains.

Question 6

A divergent plate is in new mexico,a convergent plate is at south america and a transform plate is at san Andreas.

Question 7

Plate tectonics and oceanic trenches are in common because plate tectonics create oceanic trenches.

Question 8

The rocks near north America are way older than the rocks near the mid Atlantic ridge.

Question 9

the reason that north America rocks have been here more than the rocks in the mid Atlantic.

Question 10

A convection current is when hot air goes up but cold air goes down.

Question 11

The 7 plate boundaries are a Africa plate , a Antarctic plate , a Eurasian plate, a indo Australian, a north America plate, a pacific plate, and the south American plate.

Question 12

Two things that happen when when plates hit is earthquakes and volcanoes.

Question 13

The plate tectonics collide which makes earthquakes and volcanoes.

Question 14

The three things that plate techtonics help humumans with is mountains volcanoes so we can study lava and also different continents.

Question 15

They cause these thigs by convergent transform divergent and subduction plate zones which slide, up and down, or when one plate goes under the other.