The West is the Best

Perfect vacationing spots for all year round

Great cuisines and beautiful scenery

This region is home to great vacationing spots like California, Alaska, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. These spots have delicious grapes and raisins from our good ol' California. There is also awesome scenery like Yosemite Falls and the Northern Lights.

Wow isn't this Region swell?! ;)

You can go kayaking in the Colorado river under the red orange rocks of the Grand Canyon. Maybe you could travel up north to see those beautiful northern lights. You will be astonished at Mt. Rainier, and it's only a short driving trip away. Maybe take a tropical tour and stop at Pearl Harbor.

Miss Krista Thompson is our best instructor in of all the west.

In the West the only thing you can do is relax, LIve a STRESS FREE lifestyle.

Intresting facts about this really rad reigion

Here in the West you can live a lifestyle that your BFF's will envy. These spots are magnificent. Maybe you could visit some spots that are chock full of history . Go visit Mt. Rainier, the volcano that is still active to this day. Something else you could do is ride on down to Pearl Harbor, a spot filled with terrific tales of action

Old Faithful

Remember Old Faithful? Well that little blow hole is located here in the West Region. That beautiful geyser, is. . . just stunning. Oh my golly goodness !! That old geyser is so beautiful when it spouts out water. Come and see this great geyser in the West Region.

A City of Lights

Fly on down to Los Vegas, a great city of lights. See magnificent magic shows and delicious food. Look at all the cool hotels, some look like castles and some are big black pyramids. Try some yummy pasta at Lavo while your kids watch the pirate show across he street.

This smore was made by Madilyn Collins & Annie Wineka