6eme in the CDI: FIS Library News

The who, what, when, where, and why of 6eme in the Library!!

An Introduction: Mr. Bryant McEntire

Hello All 6eme Parents! My name is Bryant McEntire. I am the Teacher Librarian in charge of the international section as well as responsibilities spanning basic information skills instruction in the bilingual section to coaching U12 and U14 boys basketball this season. I'm thrilled to have this opportunity as it affords me the chance to know you and your children! I am finally able to put together a 2013 newsletter to catch you up on all that we have been doing in the CDI. And Happy 2013 too!

Pictured above are three of the top scoring Accelerated Reader students in the school! Eloise is on the school's Battle of the Books team. An honourable mention goes to Lucien in 6B G1 with 115.5, Francesca in 6B G2 with 107.4, and Hugo in 6D G2 with 103.0. Both Francesca and Lucien are on the BOB team too!

A summary of the who, what, when, where and why in CDI

The 6eme have embarked on an interesting journey in the library this year. The basic knowledge of how information around us is organized and accessed is so vital today. Because of this FIS seeks to empower your students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to navigate an information rich world. In a little over four months we have covered the library collection and the different types of materials therein and where they are located, we have assessed each student's reading ability in English and are put in place a reading scheme to improve and measure their progress called Accelerated Reader, and we have given these students a very valuable study aid to fold in some digital literacy in the form of Quizlet. Please check out this very powerful and free online study tool that anyone can use to improve their knowledge in virtually any subject at: www.quizlet.com.