VCR Lesson 5

By: Muyan Pan

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from lesson 5.

Because of Bob's strong __________ for computer games, he decides to become a video game developer once he graduates from college.
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The Answer

penchant (n.)

A strong inclination or liking.

Root of the Word

pendo, pendere, pependi, pensum

<L. "to cause to hang down," "to weigh"

Connection to the word: when you have a strong desire or liking or something, for example apples. Then out of all of the fruits, apples will have to most weigh, or value, because you like it more than any other fruit.


  • affection
  • tendency
  • attachment
  • passion
  • craving


  • indifference
  • dislike
  • hatred
  • disapproval
  • disgust

proclivity vs penchant

Both words are used to described a strong liking or inclination.

The different is that proclivity describes a liking that is natural while penchant is describing a liking that might be developed over time. Proclivity is an instinct.


George started playing soccer at the age of 5. Over time, he likes to play soccer because he makes many new friends and he likes the feeling of winning a soccer game; the love that George has toward soccer would be penchant.

However, if George was born with a voice inside his head that tells him that he is a prodigy at soccer and that he needs to play soccer. Then that inclination George has toward soccer would be proclivity.

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold is used incorrectly.

A. Because of John's penchant toward ice cream, he rushes out of the door every time he hears the music from the ice cream truck.

B. The mother dog will always protect her puppies because of her penchant for her children.

C. As David plays the French Horn more and more, he develops a penchant for it because of the pretty sound the French Horn produces.

D. Bob's penchant for math in elementary school led him to majoring in statistics in college.

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B. The mother did not randomly develop her love for her children; it is instinct for all mothers to love their children. It is something that they are born with; it is in their genes, so proclivity should have been used.