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New Year New You Promotion!

New enrollments can earn 100 PV in FREE product with a qualifying order...In order to qualify for the 100 free product points, an individual must enroll as a Wellness Advocate within three business days after attending a New Year, New You event with a 100+ PV enrollment order AND be enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards Program with a 100+ PV order that will be processed the month following enrollment. Find out more information about dōTERRA's New Year New You promotion at the dōTERRA Business Blog:

Get Members Reactivated!

A great way to build volume is to get those that haven't ordered in awhile back in the game. dōTERRA is offering to waive reactivation fees (a $25 value) for anyone that hasn't ordered in a year or more, if they place a 50 PV order before February 1st. Go to your back office and under the "team" tab you can run reports and see who hasn't ordered in awhile!
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How to earn money with dōTERRA.

Here's a great 5 minute video that will refresh you on all the ways of how you can earn money with dōTERRA. Please feel free to share it with anyone you have interested in pursuing dōTERRA as a business. The video is a little out-dated because it refers to us as "independent product consultants" instead of "wellness advocates" otherwise, it's a great tool!
How to earn money with dōTERRA.

Set Goals in this New Year!

Setting goals provides you with direction on your journey. Make sure your goals are measurable and attainable. We encourage you to set long-term and short-term goals that align with why you're pursuing dōTERRA as a business. This approach will give you the extra motivation and desire needed to achieve each and every goal you set.

What is a year-end goal?

Short-term goals are great milestones and give you little victories along the way. Short-term goals also help you determine where your time and efforts should be spent on a weekly basis.

1 month goal _______________________

3 month goal _______________________

6 month goal _______________________

Once you have determined your goals, it will benefit you to make smaller daily goals that will help you reach your short-term milestones. Placing little reminders of these daily and short-term goals in locations that you often frequent will help keep you motivated and inspired to achieve them.

Grow your business and have classes!

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Think you can't teach a class...think again!

Holding an effective class where you get enrollments is key to success in dōTERRA. Sometimes the concept of teaching a class can be a little overwhelming if you’re not sure what to focus on. dōTERRA offers a simple and effective way for you to teach your own class...the "class in a box". You simply follow the outline given...playing a DVD that does all the teaching for you and you just facilitate the discussion and share your own personal stories of using dōTERRA's essential oils and's really that SIMPLE!

The kit ($25) includes everything you need to teach a successful class:

  • 20 class invitations
  • ​10 bottles of 5 mL dōTERRA Wild Orange essential oil
  • 10 dōTERRA Living Magazines
  • 1 dōTERRA Product Guide
  • 1 Living dōTERRA Naturally brochure
  • 1 Sharing dōTERRA Naturally brochure
  • 1 Building dōTERRA Naturally brochure
  • 10 Class in a Box brochures
  • Class Outline
  • Product List
  • Enrollment Kit Flyer
  • Wellness Advocate Agreement
  • 1 Sheet Wild Orange Sample Cards (10 cards to attach to Wild Orange bottles)
  • 1 Essential Oils 101 Class DVD
  • A dōTERRA Class in a Box storage box

Have members stay connected through Facebook.

Remember to invite all your enrollments to connect with us on Facebook. Hopefully you're already a member of our group "all things essential oils" that focuses on education, DIY recipes, and offers an open dialogue for any questions. This is an "invite" only group so you have to invite the new members you want to add. It's a great place for new members to stay connected and learn more on their journey of using dōTERRA essential oils.

Heather Koebele

Hello Team! I decided to start up a business newsletter in addition to my monthly newsletter, which will be a work in progress. My hope is that we can all stay connected and motivated to help each other grow our personal businesses with dōTERRA. Please remember that I'm always here to help in anyway I can...if I can't help I'll find someone that can. Please let me know if you'd like me to add anyone to this new newsletter and I'd be happy to do so! Let's make 2016 our best year yet!!!