Aunt Elda's Anesthesia Lab

Julia Hendrickson

How to Measure Anesthesia

How to make the percents of the anesthesia: to make 10%, subtract 10 from 100, which is 90. so 90% water and 10% green dye (anesthesia) To make 15%, subtract 15 from 100, which is 85, so 85% water, 15% green dye (anesthesia) and so on with 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and 100%. 100% is all anesthesia no water.

How we Think Aunt Elda Died


Levels of anesthesia do matter. Too much can kill you and too little can make it so you can still feel what is going on. Like surgery or other things. You can have up to 40% of anesthesia, but any more then that will cause death.


We think Aunt Elda had too much anesthesia. And to find out if she had too much or not we need to test the level of her anesthesia she had. And we do that in the Colormeter that is hooked up to our computer. We also record our information in LoggerPro, a graphing app on the computer.