Don't let capitalists take all the pay for none of the work.

A capitalist market is not always a free market.

Capitalist economies always trend towards oligarchy. Work as hard as you want, go to school for years and rack up a massive debt, when you go out into the marketplace the richest few businesses own the market. Time and time again capitalist economies produce monopolies that allow businesses total control over prices and wages. Even now monopolies disguise themselves by making an entire economy into a conglomerate and keeping the branding of every company they buy to keep the illusion of competition. When companies get big enough they can even lobby to the government to change the rules of their industry just for them. This is not the land of opportunity, this is an oligarchy.

More power to the people.

A middle class in a capitalist economy is a fluke. The reason a middle class first emerged in Europe was that the black plague killed over a third of the population, leading to a labor shortage, giving workers more bargaining power. By the 19th century though when industrialism and capitalism were at their height, and new wealth was being generated faster than ever before, the middle class were largely disappearing. A new upper class replaced the old, but the lower class sunk deep into poverty living in slums, working 12 hour days with pay determined entirely by their employers. What put an end to this in America and allowed us to enjoy the highest quality of life and largest middle class in the world? Socialism, of course the U.S. never embraced full fledged communism, but government regulations on businesses gave more control of the economy to the government. The government even broke up businesses that were to big directly. Social programs like Social Security, Medicare, The V.A. Bill, low interest federal loans, college grants and government services for low income Americans. All these things were examples of wealth redistribution. That is what lead to a huge rise in earning for average Americans, gave more people more opportunities to get good jobs and let normal people share a bigger part of the wealth. The danger in the governments of China, Cuba, Cambodia, the USSR and others came from Dictatorship, not from Communism. Democratic Communism has never really been attempted. Imagine an economy where not only do you have control over businesses with your pocketbooks, you can actually vote for the people who run them. With the right checks and balances Communism doesn’t have to mean a dictator.