Corps Of Discovery



The Corps of Discovery used 2 different kinds of weapons. They used guns used in the military. They also brought any guns personally owned by the members traveling.


Lewis and Clark discovered many species of living things. One plant is Glacier Lily. There were many plant species that Lewis wrote down in his Journal.


Seaman was the dog of Meriwether Lewis. Some articles say that Seaman held off predators for Lewis and Clark.

(This is not the same dog lewis had but it is the same species.)


The winter for Lewis and Clark was rough. The temperatures could reach as low as -40F. They stayed with the Mandan and the Hidatsa during the winter.

Great Falls

In Virginia, Lewis and Clark came across the Great Falls. The great falls have 5 different drops where the water falls.

Sergeant Charles Floyd

Charles Floyd was a member of the Corps Of Discovery. Sergeant Floyd was the only person on the expedition to pass away. Floyd was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix.

Kaw Point,KS

Kaw point was the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas rivers. Lewis and Clark used this spot to rest, gain supplies, and repair their boat.

Trade Items

Lewis and Clark had to have some way to trade with the indians and the people living on the river. They used varieties from pipes,knives,scissors, and beads.

Missouri River

The Missouri river is where the expedition took off from(St. Louis). The expedition was based on the Missouri river. This was the main form of transportation.


Lewis and Clark encountered many tribes on their journey. Some include Blackfeet, Cheyenne etc.