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Harley Hundt

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This illustration depicts the scene of Caesar getting stabbed.

Please Don't Go!

Act 2 Scene 2

The night before Caesar's murder Calphurnia almost saved his life. The thunder was rolling and Calphurnia was dreaming. She dreamed of someone killing Caesar. She screamed and cried out in her sleep. This was starting to worry Caesar.

The next morning, on March 15th, Calphurnia tried to persuade her husband to stay home. Her dreams frightened her. She thought about all the weird things that were happening and didn't want to risk anything. She just didn't feel right about him leaving. Caesar also sent out a servant to find out what the fortune-teller would say about the day. The fortune-teller says the luck is not with him today. This eventually did persuade Caesar to not go to the senate. Calphurnia wanted Caesar to say he was sick and couldn't come, but he didn't want to lie. He wasn't afraid of them and just wanted to tell him he would not be going that day.

Decius, who's job was to make sure Caesar went to the senate that day, came by and persuaded him to go. He tried to make fun of Caesar and make him seem like he's scared of going. Caesar is not scared of anything and wanted to prove Decius wrong. He told them to fetch his robe and decided to go. Caesar would never let anyone think of him in such a way. He made the final decision and was going.



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