The Industrial Revolution

by Mason Gonzales

The Industrial Revolution Sumerisation

the industrial revolution was a time when machine took the place of man. because there was so many machines doing jobs, people started losing there jobs. pollution started to fill up the air from all the coal being burnt. most of the machines that we use today where built during this time. some examples are the steam engine which was made by James Watt, the cotton gin which was made by Eli Whitney, and the telephone which was made by Alexander Gram Bell. the industrial revolution was one of the most important revolutions in our country because of these machines.

Child Labor

child labor is when children have to work for only little money. they worked because there families where in desperate need of money.that explains how bad it was during that time. kids had to work starting at the age of 5-9 years old. child labor was a harsh thing but it helped the poor get the things they needed.

The Assembly Line

the Assembly Line was made because people wanted more of the items that companies produced faster. making an item 1 step at a time wasn't making enough. eventually they came up with the assembly line. the assembly line is where 1 person dose 1 part of the item and someone else dose another. the assembly line sped up item production, but they where not as good. so the assembly line had great qualities but also came with a price.