Ring- tailed Lemur

Nicholas Moss

Classification Order

Kingdom- Animalia

Phylum- Chordata

Class- Mammalia

Order- Primates

Family- Lemuridae

Genus- Lemur

Species- Lemur catta

Key information

Lemurs are very interesting animals. There are many different types; the one I chose was the Ring tailed Lemur. It is a primate so it is most closely related to monkeys and apes, although it is often being compared to squirrels and monkeys. It is native to the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. a Lemurs omnivorious diet involves eating small things such as berries, nuts, and leaves to insects and spiders. Lemurs will get their food often in trees, otherwise they would forage the forest floor.Lemurs live and work together in large groups where the female lemurs have more control over the group than the males. These lemur groups feed and groom each other as well as sleep close to one another. A lemur uses its sharp long nails to climb up trees and move swiftly and fast from predators.

Extra information

The lemur has many predators such as hawks, and wild dogs, but the animal they are most hunted by is the fossa. Lemurs have very fast reactions but most of the time never escape from the fossa. Did you know the biggest threat to lemurs is deforestation. The lemur population is declining due to 90% of the jungle in Madagascar being destroyed. Many conservation groups are making an effort to end this.Also, Lemurs can grow to a maximum of around 70 centimeters plus their tail and a maximum of around 22 pounds in weight.