CTE, ELL, Bilingual, Dual-Language, Pedagogy & General PD

There really is something for everyone this summer! Check out the links below for exciting learning opportunities. Please note, some sessions are offered more than once, if the listing below doesn't fit your schedule, browse through and find one that works!
Strategies for At-Risk Students

Come join us for a closer look at activities and strategies that you can use immediately to make a difference for some our our highest need populations.

Parent Involvement and Communication

Parent involvement is essential for the success of your students. In this session, we will look at strategies to help you create systems for parent communication and develop avenues for all parents to become involved in their student's success.

Sheltered Instruction Classroom Ideas

These strategies are meaningful, engaging and necessary for creating a classroom environment that both builds and expands your students' language skills.

Diversity in the Classroom

This session will give you the tools you need to not only serve diverse populations of students, but also create a classroom culture that embraces and celebrates cultural diversity.

Anchor Charts For Every Classroom and Every Content

Anchor Charts are more than just posters, they anchor learning and serve as valuable resources for teachers and students. Come learn how you can use this instructional tool with your students in every content area.

Bilingual and Dual Language Programmatic Training

In this session we will review the programmatic changes and provide you with the tools you need to be successful as we move in the next iteration of success for this unique and prestigious program.

Together, We Make Music and History and Math...

Teaching across content areas provides additional connections and relevance for students and can make learning more fun both for students and their teachers. We'll explore ways to work together both face to face and digitally.

RenSTAR Reports

This session will focus on the report side of RenStar and help us better understand how to link the assessment with instruction.

RTI Process/Procedures

This session will focus on the processes, procedures and resources we use in LEISD to support student growth, provide targeted intervention, and move students towards success

Naviance - The Ultimate in College & Career Planning

This course will serve as an introduction or refresher as to the purpose and opportunities available through the Naviance College and Career Readiness System.

CTE/SPED: Differentiating Instruction in the CTE Course

Dr. Mahadevan from Texas A&M University, will present this course designed specifically to assist CTE and elective teachers in the creation of a learning environment that assists all students

Incorporating Avid and CCR into the Classroom

Best Practices, AVID Strategies for Success, College Preparation, and the College & Career Readiness Standards. Teachers will have the opportunity to hear and share Best Practices in all core and content areas.

Distance Learning

This course will explore various ways to bring meaningful and relevant learning into the classroom via industry, post-secondary education and collaboration.

Music Reading and Performing-Essential For Education

This course will provide information on what is involved in reading and performing music. Examples will be given of what is expected of students when they are reading a music score