Effects and solution of Video Games

Effects of Video Games

Effects of the Game

Video games can cause loss of eyesight and lack of exercise. all though video games may seem interesting and exciting they can hurt human body. According to Cesarone, Bernard “13- to 18 year old plays 14 hours of video game per week”(Cesarone, Bernard 2). That's a lot of kids ruining their brain from playing too much video games. One kid plays 2 hours of video games per day. For a normal teenage age, kids should get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. That’s about 210 hours in a week, In the future there is a chance that everybody might be obese.

Kids Who play too much video games

I was playing games all night the next morning, all the stuff around me was blurry. When my parents asked me “what did you do all night?”. I answered “I played games for nine hours straight and now I can’t see clearly”. My parents got mad at me and took my video game and grounded me. Video games can cause damage to health.

Solutions to Video Games

Kids should go outside more than staying inside playing video games all day. There are so many benefits to going outside. Kids will get more exercise and keep their eyesight while doing other activities outside. It will help kids have social practices so they can not be nervous when talking to someone. Everyone will be more healthy in the future if we can make a change right now.

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