Stop Animal Experimentation

Stop this practice that hurts people and animals

Cruel Testing

These tests have been a debated topic for many years. Throughout the years people have accepted and opposed these controversial experiments, many countries have also banned them these practices. Do you know what type of experiment this is? They’re animal experiments. Every year about 30 million animals are used in biomedical experiments and research projects ("Update: Animal Testing"). These practices often leave animals with disabilities or leave them dead. Many of these experiments aren’t accurate and can harm many people. Although these experiments are used to help humans, they are hurting human companions. Most of the information that is collected is not reliable and many of the tests leave animals left them dead or in lots of pain.


Animal experimentation should be banned because some of the information is not accurate. This could result in people becoming sick and cause lots of money used for animal testing to go to waste. They also cause several animals to feel mental and physical pain. This happens when researchers put them through lots of pain and suffering which may end with the animal dying.

Human Bodies

Most of the information collected from animal testing is not accurate.Animal testing can be very incentive(Day 28). Although animal testing was first started to study human bodies, many of the animals tested don't have any similarities with us humans. Animals are different from humans in terms of physiology anatomy and metabolism. This makes translating information from animal studies to human patients difficult. Also Many drug and procedures that could be effective in humans may never be developed because they fail in animal studies. It is also the other way around, nine out of ten drugs that appear promising in animal studies go on to fail in human clinical trials (Hunnicutt). If people rely on these tests, it won't be as safe as they think.

Statistics on Animal testing

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Concession and Rebuttal

People believe that animal experimentation is harmless and stress free for the animals. They think testing cosmetics and different medicine on these animals will improve peoples everyday lives and benefit them in many ways. However, animal testing puts animals through pain and suffering. Many come out of the tests blind, scarred, and sometimes dead. Defenseless animals have to put up with many different things. For example, when testing gas, it is pumped into the animals and the animal has to wait to die. This puts animals through a lot of suffering because dying can take from days to weeks(Dunnuck). Also some animals wake up in the middle of surgical procedures. Many aren't given anesthetics to relieve the pain that they are in. Overall, animal experimentation is a practice that hurting animals mentally and physically.

No More Animal Testing

In the end, Animal experimentation should be banned because it is not reliable for humans. People should stand up against these acts of cruelty and torture. They should prohibit these practices because of their inability to help humans and causing of animal pain and suffering. If these tests are stopped, then many animals will be saved from misery and a lot of money will be conserved. Help save animals by doing your part.

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