Frank Romero Artist

Frank Romero was a recipient of the prestigious 2001/2001 COLA AWARD GRANT in addition to his work is included in two current traveling show Cheech Marin's Chicano Visions. American Palters of the verge and Arte Latino , treasures from the smithsonian American Art Museum.
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Frank Romero Arts

Throughout his 40eth year career, Frank Romero has been a dedicated member of the Los Angeles arts community. As a member of the 1970 chicano art collection los four Romero. Romero has sucessfully balanced a career in both the public and private areas. (Artist Frank Romero)

Frank Romero

Romero has completed over 15 murals throughout the city. He recently restored this mural with a grant by the Amateur Athletic Foundation. He was a key contributor to the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival with going to the Olymics , a larger scale with Adorns one of Los Angeles busiest Freeways (Santa Cruz County History).

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