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News for the week of March 31, 2014

"Spring Training" is about to begin!

Next week, students and teachers at Fork Shoals will begin "Spring Training" for summer reading! This last reading challenge of the school year will be a class competition.

All students and teachers are urged to read as many pages as possible between April 7th and the week of May 12th-16th. Individual student page totals will be turned in to Ms. Knight, and the class--in each grade level--that reads the most pages will earn a special celebration in the library!

Look for Spring Training reading logs next week, and start training your brain for summer reading!

14-15 SCPBA Nominees
14-15 SCCBA Nominees

March of Dimes Reading Champions

The March of Dimes Reading Champions is an educational program in which every child is a winner! Students read books to improve reading skills while raising money for the March of Dimes mission! This program takes placing March-early April. After completing the program, children receive awards for their efforts.

Students receive medals during awards days based on the number of books read. After raising $1, students are eligible for the following medals:

  • 30 books or more - Gold medal
  • 20-29 books - Silver medal
  • 15-19 books - Bronze medal

Bonus: Every participating school will have a Caldecott Award winning book donated to the library. This book will be placed in the library in honor of the student who raises the most money! Every child who raises $50 or more will receive a free tshirt.

Make sure to mail off your registration card (or register online at as soon as possible, and read, read, read! Gather pledges and any other donations and place them in your collection envelope. No amount is too small!

Collection envelopes must be received by the March of Dimes no later than April 10th. These should be sent directly to the March of Dimes. No money is sent to the school.

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Book of the Week: With a Name Like Love

Ollie is the eldest daughter of the traveling preacher Everlasting Love. (Yes, that’s his real name.) In the summer of 1957, the family–which consists of Everlasting Love and his wife Susanna, Ollie, and four other daughters–travels to the small town of Binder, Arkansas, to set up their revival tent for three days.

On her first day in Binder, Ollie meets a boy who will change her life. Jimmy Koppel has seemingly lost everything. His mother is in jail for killing his father, and, if something doesn’t happen soon, he’ll be shipped off to live with an aunt he’s never met. Everyone in the town appears to hate Jimmy just because of who his daddy was, and no one will believe him when he says his mom is innocent. No one except Ollie, that is.

Ollie is determined to prove that Jimmy’s mom didn’t commit this horrible crime, but can she convince her father to stay in town longer than three days? She needs time to get information from Jimmy and prove his mom’s innocence, and time is something that’s quickly running out. And even if she does have time to do a little investigating, will folks’ attitudes about Jimmy’s family prevent them from coming forward with information…even if it could set an innocent woman free?

As Ollie and Jimmy become friends, they are confronted with both the best and worst in humanity. Some people just can’t let go of their own anger and hatred, but some show these two young people–and everyone else in this troubled community–that there are good people in the world, and those people will do whatever they can to help those they love or people in need.

Will the good outweigh the bad in this small town? Will the truth about the death of Jimmy’s father come to light? And what will Ollie learn about herself, her family, and friendship through all of this? Learn what love really means when you read With a Name Like Love by Tess Hilmo.

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Dates to Remember:

  • April is School Library Month!
  • April 1 - Report cards; Skate Night, 6-8pm
  • April 3 - Magnificent Moms Breakfast, 7:30am
  • April 4 - SIC Clothing Swap; Spring Spectacular, 4-8pm
  • April 8 - Chick-Fil-A Night Out, 5-8pm
  • April 11 - Spirit Day
  • April 14-18 - SPRING BREAK!
  • April 21 - SIC meeting, 7:30am
  • April 23 - Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Spring Spectacular

We are looking forward to the Spring Spectacular on Friday from 4 to 8pm. Many thanks to all of you who have contributed for this event with items and your time! It is not too late if you still want to help. It will be a fun time for all!