Geohazard Flyer

Logan Hale

Which Geohazard?

The geohazard I chose is flooding. I chose flooding because floods have always been interesting to me. That much water where completely out of place is just strange and intriguing.

What is a Flood?

A flood is a mass rushing of water, normally through streets or other areas. Floods happen most in areas where there is lots of rain. A flood happens through a build up of water that then releases to then rush forward.

Why Floods Are Dangerous

Floods are dangerous because the mass of water can do massive damage. In large scale floods, homes are swept away, bridges are destroyed, and even large buildings face big property damage.


The areas where floods are most common are rural and city areas.


Floods are measured with a flood gauge or a tide gauge.


The Great Mississippi flood of 1927 was the most destructive flood in US history. It caused the government to build the longest system of levees and floodways. The 1931 China Floods had death tolls that ranged all the way to 4 million.


We can prevent floods by building dams, diversion canals, and putting up water gates.