Technology for Teachers

Mrs. Pam Jimison, M.Ed.

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Welcome to our class

My name is Pam Jimison. I am the Educational Technologist in the IT Department at William Jessup University. I also work as a Student Teacher Supervisor and Associate Faculty in the Education Department. I have worked in education for 26 years and am excited to work with you as we venture through this course together.

My range of experience is varied! I have taught Kindergarten, 3rd, 4th, 5th, middle school English and Bible, and high school English and Accounting. I have also worked as a K-12 Technology Coordinator and K-8 school principal. I hold a CA Clear Multiple Subject Credential, CA Clear Single Subject (English) Credential, ACSI Administrator Certificate, Technology Certificate, as well as a M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning/Instructional Technology and Online Instruction.

Course Summary

Our course:

In this course students will research and engage in best practices in educational technology. Students will practice and demonstrate competency in using productivity tools for professional and pedagogical practice. Further, students will develop means of effectively using technologies for communication and collaboration to improve teaching and learning. Topics include interactive technologies, digital citizenship, computer-assisted instruction, 21st century learning, and the impact of these technologies on our schools and nation. Emphasis will be given to a Christian worldview of technology in education.

The intentional teacher is expected to adopt technology as a target of curriculum and a pedagogical approach. Educators must understand the role of technology in the classroom as a teaching and learning tool.

The Road Ahead...

Please download the course syllabus, paying special attention to the assignments and due dates.

Finally, please review the late assignment policy in this class and plan your schedule over the next 15 weeks. Note that there are major assigments due at various stages. Plan ahead.

Meet and Greet

Also, take a moment to upload a headshot photo to your Moodle profile and introduce yourself in our first discussion forum.

Technical Stuff

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That's all for now. I'm looking forward to our time together.