Stevie Wonder

by Beatriz

Full name and birth/death date

Steveland Hardaway Morris (Stevie Wonder) born May 13,1950 Saginaw,Michigan

Field of work or occupation

American musician , former prodigy , multi-instrumentalist , singer , songwriter , and pianist

A "QUOTE" he said

"When you're moving in the positive, your destination is the brightest star.”

Stevie Wonder

Something about their childhood or what did they do to become famous?

Wonder showed an early gift for music, first with a church choir in Detroit, Michigan, where he and his family had moved to when he was 4 years old, and later with a bevy of instruments, including the harmonica, piano and drums, all of which he taught himself before age 10.

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The most interesting thing I learned about him

”Blind as a result of receiving too much oxygen in the incubator as a premature baby…”is what I learned about Stevie Wonder.

Character traits

Stevie was very talented because even though blind he taught himself to play the harmonica, piano, and drums before the age of 10.

Wonder was also self confident because he knew that even though he was blind he could do many things and here he is