how butterflys look different to others butterflys!


Most every butterfly has different colors on there wings? Some of the butterflys wings have like eyes on there wings. They have long legs. Some of them have big wings. some have of them small eyes. No two butterflys look alike. The most colorful are the males. The females are darker so they can fit in.  A butterflys coloris the most im portant about it.


Do you know that butterflies live all around the world? THey live in, North america ,asia ,australia ,europe , and africa. some  butterflies live in mexico. they live in all the states and counteries. they live in trees, but usually you see them by bushes and flowers. butterflies have wings nso they can fly anywhere.


Butterflies are small creatures and they love to eat plants. They find their food on flowers. there antennas find their food. some eat milkweed, some times not all the time. they find nectar in flowers al kinds of flowers. there antennas find mosquito, and other stuff. they use their tongues and their proboscis and their antennas find their food. they use their tongues or their proboscis.


butterfliis are small but still very interesting. they smell with there antennas to find their food .they don't live in the cold. all butterflies are the most colorful. butterflies are a mainly day flying insects. some can fly 24 miles per hour. butterflies are very awesome insects!


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