Google Calendar

A Quick Guide

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Create a New Event

Click the CREATE button link to open a form to complete information about the event. You can set events to be recurring, manage notifications, and invite others.

OR - Click the QUICK ADD link and type a brief sentence with the name of ht events and when it will occur (Conference with Jack's parents 3PM tomorrow)

OR - Use your cursor to drag directly on the calendar for the date and tiem you would like to schedule an event. A "callout" will appear where you can complete the details.

Edit Events

Click on an event and click Edit Event Details, or click the meeting title to go directly to the event details. In this window you can set the location, who to include, add a description, include an attachment, set a reminder to email you or pop up, and set the privacy. You can also set the appointment to repeat in this window.

View a Friend's Calendar

Type a colleague's email address in the Other's Calendars field and press Enter. Their calendar's free/busy information will appear alongside yours in the agenda window. Click their name/email address to turn off their display.

Change your Calendar's Default Settings

Click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen and select settings. Here you can change the language, your time zone, how the date and time appear, the default length of a meeting, and much more!

Create Another Calendar

No only to you have your default primary calendar (the one with your name), you can create as many additional calendars as you need. You might want to create one for each class, different committees, or clubs. Click on the arrow next to my calendars, select create new calendar from the drop down menu. Enter the name for your new calendar, description, and timezone. Select the sharing settings you want for your new calendar. To distinguish between different calendars, you can assign colors to them by clicking on the down arrow next to the calendar and selecting a color from the menu.

Share a Calendar

In your My Calendars list, click the down arrow next to a calendar and select share this calendar. Enter the person's email address in the share with specific people box and then select the level of access you wish for them to have.

Make changes AND manage sharing - has complete control over your calendar

Make changes to events - can change and add events, but not adjust sharing settings

See all event details - view all event details, but not make any changes

See only free/busy information - can see when you are free or busy, but not any details.

Click add person.

When you are finished, click save.

Your shared calendar will now appear in his or her calendar list automatically. They do not have to do anything on their end.

Print your Calendar

Select the calendars you wish to print by making sure their color box is showing on the left, click on more on the upper right side of the calendar, and then select print. A preview window will pop up. Select the print settings you want and click print. You can also save your calendar to PDF by clicking save as.