Willow Lane Weekly

September 4, 2015

9/7 Labor Day - School Closed

9/8 Grade 1 Universal Screening

Picture Day

EcoBlast Planning Meeting - 3:30 Pm

9/9 Kindergarten Universal Screening

Safety Presentations in Classrooms

Meet the Teacher Night - 6:00 PM

9/10 ESL Teacher Collaboration Day

Safety Presentations in Classrooms

Evacuation Drill - 2:30 PM

EcoBlast Club - 3:30 PM

9/11 Kid Stuff Book Sale Begins

9/14 Safety Committee Meeting - 3:30 PM

9/15 Evacuation Drill to Brookside Country Club 2:00 PM (10 AM for AM K)

Social Committee Mtg. - 3:30 PM

9/17 PTO Meeting - 7 PM

EcoBlast Club - 3:30 PM

9/19 Carly's Swim Event at EHS

9/21 Inclusion Planning Day

9/22 DRA Sub Day

Yom Kippur begins at sundown

9/23 First Day of Autumn

School Closed for Yom Kippur

9/24 DRA Sub Day

EcoBlast Club - 3:30 PM
9/25 1 PM Dismissal for Students

KidStuff Money Due

Beware of Umbrage!

I read an interesting article recently from the September 2015 edition of "The Rotarian" on the topic of "umbrage". Umbrage refers to offense, annoyance, and/or displeasure. I want to avoid umbrage as much as possible in my life - here's why: "Umbrage causes squints and frown lines. Umbrage causes acid reflux and contributes to hair loss. Unchecked, it may lead to irritable bowel syndrome. Umbrage is the library of resentments. It prevents the normal digestion of events and circumstances. Anger is psychic health; umbrage is neurosis" (Queenan).

I want us all to have a healthy, positive 2015/2016 school year. Let's do our best to avoid umbrage. I think we can accomplish this through honest, non-confrontational communication and accentuating the positive.

I was very impressed with our staff and students during the first four days of school. Our students can't wait to get to class in the morning. They're eager and excited about Willow Lane because of you! You have a very difficult, important job to do - and you do it well! Keep up the great work! We work in a great school district. How fortunate we are to be able to work in a supportive, vibrant community where education is valued!

Congratulations Julia! You're our Teacher of the Week! The Teacher of the Week parking space is yours!

You've done such a wonderful job already this school year with the Maker Space workshop and creating the superhero Meet the Teacher Night video, Julia! I'm in awe of your talents!

Thank you for dedicating so much time and effort on behalf of our school.

Happy Birthday Christine (9/11), Joe (9/11), and Ann (9/12)! Wishing each of you the best year ever!