A Type of Coronary Heart Disease

The Disease

Atherosclerosis is a heart disease that is caused by a blocked artery. These blocked arteries can lead to a block in blood flow which means the oxygen is not being carried to that particular part of the body. This disease does run in the family, but is more of a risk for males and can be caused by certain risk factors.
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Risk Behaviors

Smoking: Can decrease the amount of good cholesterol and increase the bad cholesterol.

High Blood Pressure: Levels that are above 110/75 mm Hg,

High Cholesterol: A high level of LDL cholesterol from lots of saturated fats.

Physical Inactivity: Not being active can also increase blood pressure and cholesterol, and also can result in obesity.


There are ways to prevent heart disease and most of them include having a healthy lifestyle which can lower things like blood pressure and cholesterol. Also quitting smoking can help.
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Some people take medicine and drugs to help with their high blood pressure and cholesterol. But when the complications from atherosclerosis gets to a certain point, there must be treatment from a doctor. Because of these complications, some can have a heart attack, stroke, or severe cramps in there body.

Family Connection

My grandfather has had heart attack in the past. He had it when he was 70 years old and had to have heart surgery. Ever since he has been careful for what he has to eat and takes medicine. It also runs in my family with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Also some people in my family have diabetes. This just tells me that I have to be careful and prevent those things.